Early Enrollment Bonus (expires December 30 at 5pm ET)

I did some math last night.

And I realized that I’ve sold nearly 10 million dollars (!!!!!) of programs in the past 3 years.

When I say “programs,” that includes things like: $500 one-time courses, $2,500 lifetime membership program and $20,000 masterminds.

But, even more meaningfully in some ways, they also include either TOTALLY FREE or very accessibly-priced (say, $6 or $25) courses…

… that were packed with outrageous amounts of value, attended by thousands of students, and garnered hundreds of raving testimonials.


‘Cause here’s the thing. When I offer a program, never in a million years will you see me ‘winging it.’

When I invite people to a thing, I take that shit very seriously… no matter how much it costs.

When someone agrees to give me your time and attention, that is a precious thing.

When someone decides to place their trust in me, that is the biggest deal in the world to me… and I don’t ever want to betray it by delivering anything less than a “HOLY FUCKIN’ WOW” experience.

My #1 marketing strategy is to design and deliver extremely effective programs at every price point.

Think about it. The best marketing you can do is to give people amazing results in advance. Programs are a huge part of how I do it.

I’ve been asked countless times to teach people exactly how to do this. So many people tell me they have tons of great IDEAS for programs, and aren’t sure how to make decisions and execute in a way that creates the best results for their clients and their businesses.

And honestly, I’ve never felt like teaching this exact thing… until now.

Introducing: a brand new course called 10 Million Dollar Program Design.

This is will go live in February, and will be jam-packed with every bit of genius I have that went into creating programs that CREATED 10 million dollars of revenue.

It will teach you how to knock it out of the park whether you’re a beginner or advanced entrepreneur, and whether you’re creating a freebie, or a high-ticket program.

Important note: this course will NOT be for sale…

but GIFTED as an early registration bonus for all those who sign up for the Best Fucking Coaching Course by Friday, December 30th, 5 pm Eastern.

(If you’ve already signed up, don’t worry! Of course, you will also get access).

You will not be able to access the course any other way.

I will not be selling it independently in the future. It will not be included as part of any other program.

Let me reiterate: the ONLY way to get it is to sign up for the Best Fucking Coaching Course by December 30th, 5 pm ET to get it.

And here’s what you’ll learn in 10 Million Dollar Program Design:

  • How to come up with a great idea
  • How to build demand for your program BEFORE you’re finished creating it (… and why that is actually a non-negotiable)
  • How to overdeliver without depleting yourself
  • How to get piles and piles of raving testimonials that will create and cement your reputation and do the heavylifting for market your next offer FOR you
  • how to create a FRENZY around your program so that people are lining up to buy before you even open cart

All of this is yours… when you sign up for BFCC before Dec 30th, 5 pm ET.

If you’re selling any kind of program, at any length, and at any price point (including free), this course will be a game-changer.

What you learn in this course alone may very well pay for your entire $8,000 investment.

Come get it.

Enroll in the Best Fucking Coaching Course today to lock in your ticket to the never-to-be-repeated course: 10 Million Dollar Program Design.



P.S — Not able to join BFCC at this time? Do not worry! This is a no FOMO zone… because FOMO sucks balls!

Please join hands with me in:

(1) connecting with the infinite abundance of the universe,

(2) declaring the truth of “Missing Out is an Illusion!

(3) and invoking the magic of ”Everything That’s Mine Comes to Me in Perfect Timing!”

Allow me to remind you that countless people have created amazing programs WITHOUT this class, and countless people will continue to.

This is just an opportunity that I created because (1) I love creating awesome shit for my people, and (2) I wanted to make it extra-delightful and extra-“FUCK YEAHHHH!!!” for people who want to enroll in the Best Fucking Coaching Course, to do so, now.

But if this isn’t the right timing for you to be part of BFCC, or if you have reasons for waiting until later to enroll (you‘ll still be able to enroll in January, any time before the start date), I assure you that you will NOT, in any way, be missing anything that is vital for the success of your coaching business.

May we all make purchasing decisions from Trust, Sufficiency, and Delight.